Simulated Avionics

Peer reviewed paper on simulated aircraft avionics built using .NET and WPF. Presented at I/ITSEC 2012 conference.

DH Bot

A native iOS app written in Objective-C and designed in Storyboard UI. Built for the Dreamhost API.

Elevator CEO

A native iOS game written in Objective-C using the open source Cocos2D engine; translated to 8 languages.

Proxy Vote

WordPress plug-in to create voting events and collect proxies so you can reach quorum at meetings.

Logos & Graphics

Graphics I created for business and fun; skills slowly developed over years which I would use to build a game.

Defining Creative Talents

Honorable Mention by the UCF Provost in an essay contest in which I define the creative talents in engineering.

Job Security

An analysis drawing connections between an increasingly technological society, its effects on our job stability, and our constant need to adapt.